Monday, May 19, 2008

Monkey Wrenches in My Plans

THANK GOD He knows the plans He has for me...otherwise, I would be in a completely hopeless state!!!!!

Shannon's life insurance claim was denied, leaving me with yet another large bill (specifically a $9,000 funeral bill).

It humors me greatly that this has happened. Don't get me wrong I am very upset and increasingly concerned with how things will work out, but in the midst of this dilema, I read the words I wrote just this morning, and take comfort knowing that God has this all under control.

However, this does change things a bit. My plan to go back to college will now be put on hold until January. One huge blessing will be my new job. When I move, I will be renting from our friends, which greatly reduces my bills, which in turn will help me pay off this sum.

As Justin the guy told me "Sarah, just remember to breathe"...I am repeating my newest mantra "God is in control, God is in control, God is in control"

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