Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Once the fog lifts theres nothing really to talk about...

I've dealt pretty heavily with anger, depression and a general dislike of everything about me. I went through a good 3 weeks of not being able to come out of these feelings, and was having a really tough time with being joyful.

I really thought about something though. The Book of Ruth.

How interesting, this woman who was married for 10 years and never had a child AND then lost her husband on top of that. She leaves her land and eventually finds the man of her dreams, gets married, and has a child that is a direct descendant of Jesus.

I think God challenging me to start actively standing on the promises of Ruth. The promises of a life restored. So from now on, I'm starting to see my life going from Considering Job...to Remembering Ruth.

In light of this great epiphany there are more updates to talk about.

I'm moving. THIS IS A GOOD THING. I have decided to take a job with an insurance agency in Lynchburg, VA doing what I do here in Rocky Mount...except I will be working for incredible men of God with an exciting vision for their company, its future, and their employees...going back to school...starting a new life. I'm so excited about all this and so encouraged. I know everyone here will miss me, but I really see God moving mountains and opening doors and I can't help but be excited.

In light of this news, God brought the story of Ruth to me on Saturday night. He reminded me of her story and what happened after it seemed like her world fell apart. So I'm even more encouraged by this...and excited...and so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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