Thursday, April 10, 2008

To go into further one of my WW pictures....

I didn't really put the meanings of the different pictures I chose. This picture actually means alot to me, and is in a way a tribute. You see the three things in this picture are all memories of Shannon. The painting in the background is a painting that Amanda did for Shannon for Christmas. He hated at first, but then came to love it so incredibly much that he absolutely had to have it hang above the fireplace. The flowers in the picture are "Yellow-Belles". This is actually the spray we had on his casket. I will always look at the Yellow-Belle in the front yard and remember bloomed the week he died. Every yellow-belle I see reminds me of him. And finally the Willow Tree figurine. Amanda bought this for me before Shannon died. The girl is spreading her arms wide open with an expression of joy and freedom, and on her arms are little birds. Shannon was obsessed with birds. He was always so excited when he would see a hawk. Amanda said to me I would cry when I saw the figurine, and she was right. I look at that little figurine on my fireplace and think of Shannon.

Just a little background on that picture.

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  • At 7:31 AM , Blogger The New Mrs. Rue said...

    Wow Sarah! I recognized the painting & the willow tree angel (which i love!) from your house, but this picture took my breath away after your explanation. Thanks for sharing that with us.



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