Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Love of Christ...

how good it is.
even in times of
no understanding.
and storms.
it remains.
even when hope
seems far away
it remains.

I am only human. And I don't pretend to understand it all. I step back from my life and take it all in. I step back and realize that I am not in control. I can feel God speaking to me in little things...I can feel Him as if He is right here.

I sat listening to worship music tonight and really thought about God. Just sat and concentrated on God. I imagined myself walking on a beach and God was in the ocean beckoning me to come to Him. I lift my hands and He parts the ocean and I walk towards him. Even as I write this, ironically I'm listening to the last song Shannon wrote before he died "...the ocean seems to beckon you, revealing things you thought you knew, creation moving effortlessly, by music you were meant to sing..." I stand amazed at how God seems to arrange divine appointments and moments...moments of true faith and understanding, moments where peace comes at you and you can't do anything but just breathe. I stand and realize that every moment and trial in my life was arranged and orchestrated specifically which moments in my life in mind.

I stand at a place in my life where I am literally clinging to each hope God has given me and begging that this understand I have started to attain stay close to me. This is the moment where I surrender all...

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