Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Letter to Jessica, Re:Guitarded Out

Dear Jessica :

Remember how we played Guitar Hero 3 all Sunday morning? Amanda and Chris continued to play (while skipping church) and then we played all afternoon. We eventually beat the game on Easy, and it unlocked all these wonderful songs. Well, we started to play the game on Medium and we played a cumulative 10 hours between Saturday and Sunday, making progress and beating songs.

On Monday, the unthinkable happened. Someone turned off the Playstation while it was loading the memory card, and we lost ALL of our progress. Do you know how upset I was to come home and find that our band was gone and none of the songs we unlocked were up there anymore. We had to start from scratch. Every song, every level, everything was GONE. I'm so lost now...I don't even feel like playing that game anymore, and we all know thats the worst state of mind to be in.

Love,Sarah - the Low Carb Guitar Hero and possibly even a Ninja

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