Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glorious Headlights and Bubble Wrapping

(Background – last year Chris backed into my car with his Land Rover, which left my front right headlight broken and my hood crunched in and scratched. Then a few months later Laura backed into my car, which left a huge dent and multiple scruff marks)

I finally de-ghettoized my car a little. I ordered an entire headlight on Ebay, knowing Chris could take out the broken one and replace it with the new headlight. As I entered the house at lunchtime, I saw a huge box in the kitchen and squealed with delight that it was my new headlight. It was like Christmas at the Brebb household. I tore into the box and layers of blue bubble wrap, and held up the new headlight with pride and joy. It has been such a long time since my car hasn’t looked like trash, so you can imagine my excitement with the thought of a less ghetto-looking car.

Last night after the storms subsided, Chris and I replaced my headlight. I learned two things. One, how to replace a headlight in a 2006 Hyundai Elantra. And Two, I have quite an advantage…because my hands are so small, when the bolts we are trying to screw in, fall, I can reach right in and grab them. After 30 minutes of work, we turned the key in the ignition and began flashing the lights. I was beyond happy.

I shut the hood and inspected my new light. Chris and I both looked at each other a bit confused though, b/c the hood was sticking up more than normal. We couldn’t figure it out, we knew that when he hit it, it made the hood stick up a little, but we were looking at the hood sticking up 2 inches or so. I walked in the house and didn’t think much of it, until Chris came in and said “Sarah, you are such an idiot”. We walked outside and popped the hood, and to my horror, I had shut the hood, with the Mag light still under it!

So later in the evening (as we watched Enchanted and I had the funniest AIM conversation with one of my “bosses/partners/amigos” Josh) I put the box the headlight in and the bubble wrap to the side and told Amanda and Chris not to throw it away b/c I was going to pack things in it. After the movie, I went to bed. I sat on my bed setting my alarm and thinking that my cover was sounding a little crunchy. I wiggled my butt a little and you could definitely hear a crunchy noise. I lifted the blanket, and Amanda had strategically placed a huge piece of bubble wrap in my bed.

I ran in the living laughing saying “Amanda you are so crazy”…then tried to go to bed. As I am arranging my pillow once again I hear the crunchy sound…and Lo and Behold she had put bubble wrap in my pillowcase. I ran in the living room again saying “Amanda you are so funny”…once again tried to go to bed, as I am laying down I hear the crunchy noise again! She had put bubble wrap under my sheets. We all spent about five minutes laughing about Amanda’s ventures into bubble-wrapping my bed. And then I finally was able to go to bed.

These are the things that I will miss about Rocky Mount.

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  • At 3:15 PM , Blogger American Mum said...

    Wow, that's a lot of effort for a laugh! You must live in a very fun house.


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