Monday, February 18, 2008

To Dream the Impossible Dream...

Well. Its 2008. A time for new dreams. A time to refocus your life. A time of reflection.

God has put a new dream in my heart here lately. At first I thought it was just something I would like to try...more or less a hobby. But the more I hear music, the more I'm sure that God has given me a new dream.

The problem is, every time someone hears about it, or whenever I talk about it to my husband, all I get in return is chuckles.

So without further adieu, here it is.

I want to be a breakdancer.

I'm not joking. I'm not playing. I'm not being silly. I seriously with everything in me want to break dance. I find myself doing the robot around the office. And when I know that no one is looking at me in cubby, I will do dance moves. I drive around town dancing my seat. And my goal right now is to learn how to do a head spin.

I know, its sad. Not sad, its more or less kinda strange. But as my Dad always says...God IS a strange God. And I can only imagine Him laughing at me dancing...especially when I think no one is watching, He is ALWAYS watching.

There were some famous dancers in the bible...David danced before the Lord...Miriam danced once the Israelites crossed the Red I figure that dancing can be an expression of pure joy and thanks to God for creating me.

So with that...I keep my eye on the prize. And I can almost see that head spin coming to pass...

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Monday, February 11, 2008

King Arthur summed it up...

In the movie "First Night" with Richard Gere and Sean Connery, as King Arthur lay there dying and Queen Guinevere smiles on him he says "...So this is what it feels like to have the sun shining down on me..."

That pretty much sums up how I felt yesterday with our puppies. I couldn't take enough pictures of them playing. Their favorite toy at that moment were the bits of stuffing from the neighbors dog's torn up bed (green fuzz covered the neighborhood...that stuff spreads quick) and the other favorite toy for them to play tug-of-war was a plastic spatula that somehow found.

We have two of the most precious wonderful dogs in the world....

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jovi's Firsts...

I thought it would be fun to list Jovi's firsts this past was a VERY busy week for her.

On Sunday she smiled for the first time...really big with teeth and ears back doggy smile. We also learned that she prefers the outdoors much more than inside...she loves being outside and rolling around in the grass and playing hide and go seek. When she smiles we noticed that one of her ears is perked up a little higher than the other one...totally the cutest thing ever...

On Wednesday she finally figured out what the command "get in your bed" she goes right to her kennel when we tell her to... (Sampson does too, trying to get treats)

On Tuesday she jumped up on the bed for the first time ever...all by herself. At that point Shannon and I burst into laughter and applause and she just looked confused...and Sampson got mad because we were showing her more attention...

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Hallowuary ... Halloween in February

What happens when you get several bored people at Sarah's house...we celebrate Hallowuary!

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