Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jovi's Firsts...

I thought it would be fun to list Jovi's firsts this past was a VERY busy week for her.

On Sunday she smiled for the first time...really big with teeth and ears back doggy smile. We also learned that she prefers the outdoors much more than inside...she loves being outside and rolling around in the grass and playing hide and go seek. When she smiles we noticed that one of her ears is perked up a little higher than the other one...totally the cutest thing ever...

On Wednesday she finally figured out what the command "get in your bed" she goes right to her kennel when we tell her to... (Sampson does too, trying to get treats)

On Tuesday she jumped up on the bed for the first time ever...all by herself. At that point Shannon and I burst into laughter and applause and she just looked confused...and Sampson got mad because we were showing her more attention...

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