Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something to ponder...

On Sunday Shannon and I went to see " I Am Legend". It was overall one of the best movies of this year and as I watched it I got to thinking.

Let's say that you are the only person left on earth and you are all alone for years and suddenly one day as you are walking, you find another person on earth...you are ecstatic, happy, joyful, and relieved to discover another being on the earth. You are overjoyed at the thought of being near another body. As you are screaming inside from the joy you feel, the person opens their mouth and begins to talk and all at once it hits you like a freight train that they have the single most annoying voice you have ever heard. Or let's say they have the most annoying personality ever.

Think about that. Being the only two people on earth and you facing a life alone with a person that grates your nerves like a cat licking your eyeball.

After my brain starting thinking about all this, it was hard to pay attention to the movie.

I just wanted to share....

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