Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall, Weight Loss, Fertillity Drugs...ALL THE JOYS OF LIFE

Fall starts on you know how excited I am? The kickoff of fall signals the greatest time of year. The time of the year where I feel revived, excited, giddy like a little kid. And every day of fall brings us closer to those three glorious holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then the greatest of them all, Christmas!

For me this is starting out to be the greatest Fall of my entire life. I am quite pleased at the fact that I have lost...36.6 pounds. I used to think that putting on clothes that were loose would be a welcome thing, something I would delight in. But its quite the opposite. I cringe when I think about how nothing I own fits and the few clothes I have bought in smaller sizes don't fit either! I'm not complaining I promise you...its just hilarious how you think you will react one way and then when it happens it completely different.

I also started a new fertility medicine. We've been on a 9 month break from the crazy drugs. This new medicine though is AWESOME! Seroiusly. I have been so pleased with the side effects which so far has been : happy all the time, hyper all the time, and very emotional when I think about things that God has done. I really don't contribute this new, happy mindset I have to the medicine, but totally to God. The last time I had to walk this road, it was long, depressing, and completely overwhelming. I don't think I have been as happy as I am now ever.

And, Shannon and I are celebrating four year of marriage! How time flies. Only yesterday we were living in our little apartment at Tiffany Square with our constant roommates and neighbors with pesky dogs peeing on our porch. Now we are happy, unified, living in our own home, driving our two vehicles, loving our wonderful dog....How happy we both are!!!

Praise God. Thats the only thing I can say...He's the only one who would've arranged this whole symphony of blessings.

So with all that in mind...maybe a little Webb will come quickly now! I believe it...

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  • At 8:23 PM , Blogger ilovestargate said...

    i think you're pretty cool.

    yay for babies. i can't wait til you have one.

    and i can't wait til i have one eventually. they'll be best friends forever (haha remember that musical?)

    loooove you


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