Monday, June 25, 2007

Donnie's Birthday

We had an Asian themed surprised birthday party for Donnie. It was awesome. Shannon tricked Donnie into going to the Studio so we could decorate. At 6:50pm, I rode down to the church to pick up people to take back to the house. The boys in the band (who are sooo macho) looked at me and said, we'll start walking (COTR is like 30 seconds from our house). I told them I would be right back to get them. As I go back to get them, I pull into a driveway into Wesleyan and they start piling in (sweaty and stinky none-the-less). Well I start to pull off and they start yelling for me to stop. I see the back door open and I think to myself that I just tried to drive away w/ my door wide open. As I am watching the door, Jim appears and gets into the car and it dawns on me...Jim fell out of the car as I drove away w/ the door wide open. I almost killed Jim, or at least hurt him pretty bad. I was laughing, and Jim, always the good sport, kept saying it was alright.

We went back to the house where everyone was waiting, I called Shannon and pretended to be Joe, which was the secret phrase that we were ready for the boys to come back. So Shannon pretended he forgot his guitar and they had to go home. We all hid, and as they came into it still didn't hit Donnie what was going on...even w/ all the decorations and people.

We all went in together and got him a Guitar-stacky-thingy. Beats me. It was a spider something or another. I'm not sure on all the technicalities of the machine, but he was pretty excited about it. We gave him a pedal first and he liked it (notice Joe's arm holding him back from all the excitement), then we gave him the head and he was really shocked. Then we gave him the cabinet, and he was speechless. Each picture shows the progression of gifts.

The Pedal. Loving the pedal...

Loving the amp head. Speechless.

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