Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When you have no internet at home...

SOOO much has happened in the couple of weeks. But with no internet access at home, my posts are becoming sparse. So here's the rundown of life's fun events.

~ The "miracle" medicine this month was more of a nighmare than a blessing. Horrible side effects. The highlight was spending a cumulative 3 hours crying in one day because...

~ The "miracle" medicine didn't work. Didn't work at all. AT ALL. So then I become depressed about it, especially thinking about taking more crazy drugs, so...

~ I started cheating on my diet in rebellion. The whole reason I went on this weight loss quest, was to aid my body in conceiving. When it was obvious that wouldn't be happening this month, my natural reaction was to eat as many carbohydrates as one person could eat. The bad thing was...

~ I ended up gaining 6 pounds from this.

So now I'm back on the diet and trying to avoid stress and cheating on my diet as much as possible...but thats not happening so well. I have a goal I want to reach, a total of 80 pounds lost. So far, I'm at 40...but I have to keep going and remind myself that this whole getting healthy thing is really worth not eating bread, and donuts, and candy bars, and potatoes, and .... oh my gosh.

This diet stinks.

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