Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee...365 days later

364 Days ago I sat around with my family, who went around in a circle and said what they wanted to see happen in the next year.

Two big things were echoed over and over:
1) That we would have a baby
2) That Shannon would have a healthier year

Here we are 364 days later and God has indirectly, kinda, sorta answered those prayers. This has been the best year, health wise, for Shannon. He has only had one pancreatic attack (PRAISE GOD) and he has been of sounder mind.

The baby thing hasn't happened, and I can choose to be sad about that OR I can CHOOSE to be excited about something different...Laura and Lee have asked Shannon and I to be Ryan (the little Lions) godparents. It is such a privilege and blessing to have friends who love us enough to entrust us with that we are no longer Uncle Shannon and Aunt Sarah to Ryan, we are now Godpapa Shannon and Godmama Sarah. I think its awesome to have a a way it brings some peace to my heart.

So everyone have a happy thanksgiving...don't eat too much and try to excercise!!!!

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